The average broadband speed of UK citizens has slipped to 35th in global speed rankings, in a damning report amid the government’s ongoing turmoil .

At a time when most Brits would like nothing more but to switch off the TV and binge on Netflix, a damning analysis has found the UK has slipped below the likes of Bulgaria and Madagascar in the global broadband speed rankings.

It’s an untimely reminder of another failure of the Conservative government in the UK to ensure the country has access to modern infrastructure fit for the future.

Earlier this year, the government declared it had reached its promise of providing ‘superfast’ broadband access to 95 percent of the UK.

However, the same company which compiled the coverage data also warned the UK is likely to fall even further behind in speeds over the coming years.

Singapore remained the country with the fastest average broadband speed, followed by Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Yemen came last.

The average download speed in the UK is 18.57Mbps, meaning a 5GB movie download would take around 44 minutes.

The average download speed in Singapore is 60.39Mbps – meaning a 5GB movie download would take around 14 minutes, about three times as fast as the UK.

Dan Howdle, Analyst at Cable, said:

“A number of other countries have leapfrogged us since last year, including France and Madagascar.

Compared to many other countries both in and out of Europe, the UK has simply come too late to a full fibre solution.

Despite plans to roll out FTTP [fibre to the premises] to UK homes across the next decade or so, the UK is likely to fall further behind while we wait.”

25 other European countries are ahead of the UK on the list, including 20 in the EU. It’s not a good look for the UK’s future competitiveness as it negotiates its exit from the European Union.

Hopefully, the UK will remain above Yemen this time next year.

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