Versa Networks has been chosen as a primary vendor for software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) and security (SD-Security) by China Telecom to cater the needs of its global customer base.

The latter’s managed SD-WAN service is developed on Versa’s comprehensive suite of virtualised network and security functions (VNFs), which enables a truly software-based managed SD-WAN service that gives customers a better business agility and make them ‘cloud-ready’ via its application-level visibility, control and integrated set of security functions.

CTG will be deploying Versa’s SD-WAN software on low-cost x86 appliances wherein integrated network and security will be provided with instant scalability, meanwhile eliminating branch appliance sprawl.

Enterprises in China will be benefitted by CTG’s cloud-native, Versa-based network architecture as the company is considering expansion beyond the mainland. For example, CTG SD-WAN enables customers to connect their overseas branches to their corporate headquarters via Internet connectivity and robust application identification, security and policy enforcement. This results in faster time-to-service, simpler branch infrastructure and lower administrative burden. All these are key requirements when managing large global networks.

Elsewhere in recent Chinese telecoms news, China Unicom accumulated $11.7 billion (£9.1bn) by signing a deal with multiple, local technology brands which includes a total of 10 private and state investors who will buy just over 35% of the shares of Unicom A Share Company. The list of ‘investors’ include Tencent, Baidu and Alibaba, among others. A company statement said: “The businesses carried out by these strategic investors are highly correlated to and complementary with the principal businesses of Unicom A Share Company, and are expected to contribute to combining the network resources, customer resources, data operation and marketing service.”